Atoll In 100 SE


Splendido amplificatore integrato Attol IN 100 SE, costruito interamente in Francia con criteri High End, potenziomentro Alps, Ingresso By-Pass per connettere impianto HT, ingresso Phono Optional, Telecomando Optional ( in dotazione con il lettore Cd ) + euro 45,00 per Telecomando + euro 60,00 per ingresso phono + euro 95,00 per ingresso MM + MC + euro 45,00 per finitura Silver

he IN100se’s high-capacity power supply reproduces all the energy of the original live performance. The superb balance means that what you hear always correponds to reality. And the whole sound is enhanced by an extremely tight and cohérent stereo image. – Fully symmetrical stages with discrete components – Motorized ALPS potentiometer – By-Pass input (using the integrated as a power amplifier, easy integration into a home theater system) – MKP technology link capacitors – Selection of sources with relays – MOS-FET power transistors – Headphones jack 6,35 – 5 Inputs + 1 By-pass

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860,00 €


Technical specs: Power Wrms/channel/8Ω 100 W Power Wrms/channel/4Ω 140 W Impulse Power 180 W Power supply (VA) 660 Total of capacitors (µF) 30 000 Inputs 4 + 1 monitor Input Impedance (kΩ) 220 Sensibility (mV) 100 Rising Time (µs) 2,5 Signal/Noise Ratio (dBA) 100 dB Bandwidth 5 Hz – 100 kHz Weight (kg) 10 Dimensions (mm) 440x90x270mm Remote control optional